Memorial Union Reinvestment

Outdoor UW


The historic Hoofers and Outdoor Programs facilities were expanded as part of Phase I of the Memorial Union Reinvestment. The new and improved lakefront space provides better views and access to Lake Mendota and includes the beautiful 1,000 square foot Mendota Lodge. Hoofers office spaces were consolidated into one area, which allows for more  interaction between club leaders and advisors. The history of Hoofers and Outdoor Programs are celebrated throughout the new space and especially in the Harold C. Bradley Lounge, which even features the historic Bradley Canoe. For Outdoor Rentals patrons, new offices just off of the lake entrance are more visible and easily found to facilitate a better and simpler customer experience.



Why Renovate? Tour the Hoofers boat shop to find out!


Other Outdoor UW Improvements

  • Code compliant spaces improve life safety, especially in the boat shop area
  • New and improved boat storage space allows for the equipment to be stored more efficiently and monitored better
  • Level changes were be reduced and ramps were added to make the Hoofer facilities universally accessible
  • Improved way-finding and navigation are facilitated by an improved layout