Wisconsin Union
Next installation scheduled for October 2019

Where's My Paver?

Choose a method below to locate your paver. Search the database by donor name or paver inscription. Click an area of the map to see all pavers located in that section. New pavers will be added to the map in 2018.

Click on the map below for a list of pavers in each zone:

Paver Map Zone A1 Zone B1 Zone C1 Zone D1 Zone E1 Zone F1 Zone A2 Zone B2 Zone C2 Zone D2 Zone E2 Zone F2 Zone A3 Zone B3 Zone C3 Zone D3 Zone E3 Zone F3 Zone A4 Zone B4 Zone C4 Zone D4 Zone E4 Zone F4 Zone A5 Zone B5 Zone C5 Zone D5 Zone E5 Zone F5 Zone A6 Zone B6 Zone C6 Zone D6 Zone E6 Zone F6


If you are interested in purchasing a Terrace paver click here.